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AtharavRaj Yadav

25th June, 2021


Cannabis sativa, a.k.a. Indian hemp or Cannabis indica, is an annual herb of family Cannabinacea, used by human beings throughout history for its fiber, food, & medicine. It’s native to Central Asia and cultivated in China, Asia and Europe. Plants producing drug seems to’ve been found in India, grown for medicinal objectives nearly around 900 BC. Hindu followers offered Cannabis to Shiva in religious celebrations, and the herb extends to religious connections in India. Therapeutic use of Cannabis has a protracted history. Still, socio-political force led to the drop of medicinal use of hemp. But notwithstanding its unlawful, people have proceeded to purchase hemp in the blackmarket for self-vaccination. Concurrently with beverage and nicotine, hemp is the most widely consumed psycho-active drug globally, and it's the sole most prevalent illegal drug. Recognizing the cultural & medical records of hemp use is essential element to the triumphant combination of hemp in advanced clinical disciplines. This section records over 6 thousand years of documented hemp use in aesthetic practices, pharmaceutical applications, breeding methods to magnify pharmacological characteristics, and the different ways by which people have used the hemp.

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