Hack the Hacker by AtharavRaj Yadav

This book is distinctive in the domain of cyber Security as it provides the importance of cyber security by the explanation of cybercrimes & hackers illicit or negative steps towards citizens. The book provides you various ways to be safe, helps you to identify cyber criminals, security advice or countermeasures, protection tools and software details, dangerous outcomes of delinquencies, defensive tips and techniques, do’s and don’ts to avoid being a potential victim of cybercrimes. This book will prove to be the best book in spreading awareness of cyber security, delineating all kind of cyber-attacks, types of cyber threats, identifying or detecting vulnerable threats or malicious files and revealing all possible techniques adopted or executed by hackers to hack a bank account with, How to Prevent the Hacker to Hack You? The author wrote in such a way that it can be simple, accessible, understandable by the normal citizens, who aren't having any strong technical background, also can protect themselves online.

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Hon'ble I.P.S. Varun Kapoor
Addtl. Directorate General of Police, Indore

Congratulations on your book 'Hack the Hacker'. It is well written and contained sound, practical advice. Your voice is bright and new in a way towards spreading awareness on cyber crimes. At this age of nineteenth, writing a book for social cause is very appreciable.

I wish all the luck to you to work hard and keep moving towards helping the society by any means. More power and success to an author and his book.

Hon'ble I.A.S. Lokesh Kumar Jatav
District Magistrate & Collector, Indore

Hack the Hacker is a well written book in the domain of cyber security, as it serves detailed information about cyber delinquencies and also mentions in detail, the countermeasures to follow, to avoid being a victim of cyber crimes.

I truly appreciate the earnest effort made by the author at this young age by writing on issues so relevent in the digital age. Best Wishes to the Author for the Book and all his endeavours.