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Hey there, This is AtharavRaj Yadav, an Author, Epigrammatist, Travel Blogger, Nature Photographer, Student of Business Administration, as well as a Co-Founder of AtharavRaj Corporations. 

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Bittu Messenger

New Messenger from AtharavRaj Corporations

With All New Desi Concept, Bittu Messenger App provides a Free Messaging with your Friends/Family.  It has an Amazing Video Call Quality with a Great Design in Content-First Concept.
If You're Looking for an All-In-One Interaction App, then Must Try this "Bittu Messenger" out.


Version 1.0.0 (25.03.2019)

- Free Messaging Using Internet Connection
- Using as a Default SMS and MMS App
- Lock App Access with Screen Lock or Fingerprint
- Block Screenshots
- Incognito Keyboard
- Typing Indicators Regulations
- Chat Backups
- Linked Devices
- Group Chat
- Disappearing Messages
- Video Calls
- Dark Mode Messenger

Bittu Messenger