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Hey there, This is AtharavRaj Yadav, an Author, Epigrammatist, Travel Blogger, Nature Photographer, Student of Business Administration, as well as a Co-Founder of AtharavRaj Corporations. 

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Rajnish Yadav

Rajnish Yadav, is an Author and Father of AtharavRaj Yadav and a Founder of AtharavRaj Corporations Website. He has around 10 Years Vast Experience in I.T. Industry in Website Hosting & Domain Registrations, Android Applications Design & Development Design and Implementation of Software’s and Web Applications.

AtharavRaj Corporations, an Online Web which Serves Website Designing, Hosting, Domains, E-Mail Customization & Marketing, etc.

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AtharavRaj Yadav

AtharavRaj Yadav is an Author, Epigrammatist, Cyber Security Expert, EDM Music Label, Travel Blogger, Content Writer, Nature Photographer, Student as well as a Co-Founder of AtharavRaj Corporations.


He always loves to wander and explore something new and unexplored places. He tries to write those feelings, emotions and vibes, which touches soul, while travelling and turns that feel into words by writing it in the diary and publish it here, on this travel blog.

He always manages the trips of travel & adventure, just for the sake of a change in life and to share it, with the world via Website, Blogs, YouTube Channel & Instagram Handle.

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Instagram @atharavraj.inc

Facebook @atharavrajya

Twitter @atharavrajyadav

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