Sanchi – The Oldest Stone Structure

Explored in 1818, Known for its Classical Construction and Rare Stupa, Sanchi is an important site for Buddhists as well as Buddhism Followers. It is sited about 45 kilometers of Drive from Bhopal. This place is a Bag of Mixture of Buddhist Temples and Monasteries that are built in 1nd and 1st Centuries, which are listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site. Sanchi is a famous spot for Buddhism Religion because the Lord Buddha has been symbolically defined by the Wheels, Footprints, etc. You will Love Exploring this Medieval Place with some Amazing Views of some other small Stupa’s and Temples, which are situated in a Calm Green Park.

Let’s Discover and Capture Some More Places In or Near Sanchi:

Great Stupa

The Stupa’s are Amazing Examples of the Engineered Excellence of the Past. Great Stupa, is the City’s First and most Important Stupa, which was built in 3rd Century B.C. by King Ashoka. The Great Stupa of 70 Feet Tall, standing on a Hill at a height of around 350 feet, looks Amazing. The Exclusive Engravings in the Stupa describes the Talent and Skills of Artistry, while Making It.

UdayaGiri Caves

A Group of 20 Caves, popularly known as Udayagiri Caves, describes an Amazing Presentation of the Past. Carvings from Gupta’s Generations, showcasing Jainism and Hinduism in the Caves that backdated to an Era between 4th and 5th Century AD. Some Caves are sited on the Hilltop, while Most are in Downhill.

Narsimha Sculpture

The Huge Narsimha’s Portrait at Sanchi influences many travelers, due to its Detailed Built.

Ashoka Pillar

Ashoka Pillar is built in 3rd Century BC with a Rare Greco-Buddhist Style of Engineering. Ashoka Pillar is 55 Feet Tall with Four Lions that Shines. It is situated close to the Southern Gateway of the Stupa. There are many more Pillars along with Ashoka Pillar with an average height of 40 to 60 Feet.

Gupta Temple

Built in the 5th Century A.D., Gupta Temple is the Proof of Excellence of the Artists in the Gupta’s Generation. It was also considered as a Symbol of Secularism in Medieval Times of India as this Place was under the Command and Control of Buddhists. According to Sir John Marshall, This Temple is the Construction of, One of the Most Logical Designs.

Great Bowl

The Enormously Large-Sized Bowl, made up of a Single Piece of Stone, which was Incurved later and Today, has been a Key Attraction of Sanchi. The Food used to be Served from this Bowl directly to the Buddhist Monks, who stays in Sanchi.

How to Reach

By Air : The Nearest Airport is Raja Bhoj Airport in Bhopal, which is sited at the distance of 55 km from Sanchi.

By Train : Sanchi Railway Station is the nearest Platform, which takes around Five Minutes to Enter the city.

By Road : Sanchi is Connected with a number of Cities via Road, like Bhopal (51 Km), Vidisha (12 Km), Indore (235 Km), and many more cities.

Best Time to Vist

October to March is the Perfect Time to Visit Sanchi

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