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Pachmarhi is a hill station in Madhya Pradesh state of Central India. It has been the location of a cantonment (Pachmarhi Cantonment). It is widely known as Satpura ki Rani (Queen of Satpura), situated at a height of 1300 m in a valley of the Satpura Range in Hoshangabad district.

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Pachmarhi is a Heaven for Group Tours, Adventurers and Wildlife Lovers. If you visit with your friends, You must trek full Pachmarhi. It will be just like Doing Survivor Show Series with Bear Grylls type. According to Me, Their are TOP-5 Places in Pachmarhi, Which I loved in several aspects of Adventure, Nature and Trek.

Here, Top-5 Places are Listed :-

Bee Fall

BEE FALL is a popular water-fall located at Pachmarhi Hill Station in Madhya Pradesh state on Central India. Pachmarhi is a tourist destination on Satpura Hills. Their are number of waterfalls in Pachmarhi but among them Bee Fall is considered as most popular one and must visit tourist point. Pachmarhi is a popular tourist destination among domestic tourists. There are many water falls in Pachmarhi, but no one is like Bee falls, as the waters of a perennial stream tumble down 35 meters, giving a spectacular view to all those nature lovers who come here, there are many water falls around Pachmarhi. It is a natural water fall deep below valley, reached with the help of jeep to some distance then foot steps. Here, we can find tourism activities through out the year.

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Length of Visit: 2 hours Entry Fee: None

Satpura National Park

This is a beautiful park, very peaceful compared to others in Central India, as only 12 Gypsys are allowed in, so none of the usual racing around to get the best sighting. The park is very hilly, so it does make for a rather bumpy ride. Access is by a five minute boat ride which adds to the sense of adventure, it certainly did for us, as on our first morning it was extremely misty/foggy, we had to wait as the boatman could not find his way across. When he eventually picked us up, we ended up going around in a circle following our own wake, much to the amusement of all on board. In the end, the mist cleared a little & we could see lights being flashed on the far shore. Although this is a tiger reserve, it is not the best place to go for tiger sightings, as they are quite infrequent here. We visited to see leopards & sloth bears as the park has a very good reputation for leopard & bear sightings. Unfortunately we did not see leopard, but we had some wonderful sloth bear sightings, three adult male bears & one female with two cubs on her back. ​ We also saw many different birds, so would definitely recommend this park to birders. You can also do a night safari & walking safari in the buffer zone, as well as a boat safari. We did a night safari which was very interesting, the forest has a very different feel & sound to it at night. We also did the walking safari, which gives you a bit of an adrenaline rush, when you realise your guide is only armed with a blow horn & pepper spray to ward off any bears. He did tell us he had never had to use them. So, to sum up, a beautiful, peaceful park, with the opportunity to do activities that are not available in other parks. Well worth a visit, a two to three day stay would be ample. We stayed at Reni Pani, which was Superb.

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Pandav Caves

Five Caves are there on a hill face, said to have been made by pandavas, who stayed here for some time during their banvas. Pachmarhi derives its name from these. Pach means 5, marhi or marahiya means hut, cottage. One needs to climb some 50 steps to see all these. A beautiful park has been developed around this. Located at a vintage point surrounded by good looking garden,these caves are indeed a place to must visit.The name as pandava is debatable as there is no trace of the pandava coming here in the’Mahabharata’. Must visit.

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Jata Shankar

If you are a religious person, this is the ideal place for you. You will really feel the piously vibe that prevails there. A large number of stairs go down between two large boulders that constitute the mountain and right at the bottom is a small damp cave more or less dark. Water flows through the cave of about an ankles. There is a Shiv-ling inside the cave that people say has formed naturally, out of a stalagmite that is worshiped by a pujari who is always present in the cave.

As I already mentioned, If you are a religious person, You’ll definitely get the Vibe. Easily accessible with around 200 steps. Lovely cave and the rocks. Feels liks AC once we reach to the bottom. Godo places to click photos and try hicking if interested.

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Chauragarh, another Lord Shiva’s place in Pachmarhi… It takes 1300 steps & rough side walks on mountain Chauragarh to reach. At top of Chauragarh you will get to experience the beauty of Satpuda mountain range.. A newly built Shiva temple with lots of Tridents ( Trishuls ) surrounded everywhere shows the devotion of pilgrims.. Many Yatris comes with small to large Tridents on their shoulders without touching it to ground for saying thanks to Lord shiva for his blessings…

Its not Tough Climb. Ready to walk 3-4 km including climbing. Worth going place. Route have some awesome views. Travel light with water and eatables, you will have fun climbing Chauragarh.. so Enjoy

Credits: AtharavRaj Corporations

Credits: AtharavRaj Corporations

How to Reach

Reaching by Air:

Bhopal Airport (195 kms) is the nearest airport. Major airlines connect Bhopal to various cities in India that include Gwalior, Mumbai and Delhi.

Reaching by Rail:

The nearest rail station is Pipariya (50 kms). It is on the Mumbai-Howrah line and is well connected to major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai and Bangalore.

Reaching by Road:

Bus services to Pachmarhi are available from Bhopal, Nagpur, Jabalpur, Chhindwara, Pipariya and other places. There are 7 buses daily to Bhopal which take just 6-7 hours. Buses are operated by the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation as well as other private companies.


When it comes to Accommodation, This tourist destination has many options to offer. Starting from budgetary to luxurious stay, tourists get many options to select from. Few of the accommodation facilities include the MPTDC Accommodation Hotel Amaltas in Pachmarhi.

The contact details of Hotel Amaltas are as follows: MPTDC Hotel Amaltas Jaystamba Chowk, Pachmarhi District – Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh Telephone number: +91-7578-25209

Few Other Hotels in Pachmarhi which offer excellent accommodation include:

Hotel Pandav in Pachmarhi : Hotel Pandav in Pachmarhi is known for its quality accommodation and luxurious stay. For more details visit Hotel Pandav in Pachmarhi.

The Misty Meadows Resort in Pachmarhi : The Misty Meadows Resort is a 3-Star Resort located in Pachmarhi. For more details visit The Misty Meadows Resort in Pachmarhi.

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