Khajuraho – Home of Erotic Sculptures

When you hear the Name of the Place, “Khajuraho”. Undoubtedly, your mind will hover around the Erotic Sculptures of Khajuraho. Yeah, It’s True that this place is famous for Erotic Carvings, but It doesn’t mean that, it doesn’t hold much more than these. This place is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, in India. The masterpieces of the stone engravings are of 950 Ad and 1050 AD, in the Governance of Chandela’s Empire. This place consists of 85 Temples earlier, but Today, only 20 are Secured, which devotes to Hinduism and Jainism. The Portraits showcases different themes like Spiritual Teachings, Rituals & Royalty and Meditation.

Let’s Explore the Places that must be Visited In or Near Khajuraho:

Kandariya Mahadev Temple

This is One of the Biggest and Oldest Temple and a Must Visit place in Khajuraho. The temple consists of 875 marvelous carvings, and many are of Gods-Goddesses, Artists and Erotic Groups. In the temple, Garbh Griha has a Sacred Lingam of Sovereign God, Lord Shiva. Mostly, Crowds rush towards the Temple, on the Festival of Shivratri, to witness the Maha Aarti and Celebrate It, Joyfully.

Vishwanath Temple

Vishwanath means “God of Universe”. The Shivlinga is built by White Marbles. The temple has a large Portraits of NandiJi and BrahmaJi, that also enhances the Beauty and Glory of this Place

Lakshmi Temple

Worship at Lakshmi Temple and Get the Blessings of Goddess of Wealth.

Panna National Park

Around the Drive of 45 Minutes from Khajuraho, one can reach Panna National Park to witness Many Beautiful Waterfalls, Exotic Flora and Fauna, and many more. It is an important spot to get refreshed and can come closure towards Mother Nature. It also has a river, Ken River, which itself attracts the visitors to Come and Enjoy the Boat Rides. You can Visit the Complete Forest by enjoying on Elephant Safari and can Capture Wildlife in your Lens.

Raneh Falls

Raneh Falls is a Beautiful and Romantic Spot for Young Couples Picnic. Many Couples goes towards falls, while in a Tour to Khajuraho. The Speciality of this Fall is that, the Rocks are of Grey and Pink Gradients, which attracts more Visitors.

Ajaigarh Fort

Though there is nothing Special inside the Fort, But Trekkers and Nature Lovers can fall in Love with this place. This fort is constructed on Vindhya Mountain. Being in a Mountain, a lot of trekkers visit here in the Fort and Treks more on Top of the Mountain, just to Capture the Picturesque View of Surrounding Forest and the River.

Beni Sagar Dam

This place is considered as a Family Picnic Spot and a Point of Relaxing in the Evening as it is a Completely Peaceful Spot. One can be offered to have Swimming, Paddle Boating, Lazy Walks, and many more Attractions.

Archaeological Museum

This museum was built in 20th Century. It is sited near to the Western Group of Temples. It has around 2000 Masterpiece Portraits and Carvings that are completely Rare.

Ken Gharial Sanctuary

Ken Gharial Sanctuary leaves you Speechless with Amazing Views of the Endangered Species of Fauna. So, Go for It and Enjoy the Wildlife Tour, in the Lap of Mother Nature.

How to Reach

By Air : Khajuraho has single Airport for Domestic Flights. There are direct flights from Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata, with all the Major Carriers.

By Bus : The Nearby Bus Station is Chattarpur Bus Stand from Airport. Its around 46.5 Kilometers from Airport. Nevertheless, Booking a Cab/Taxi is the Better Option rather than a Bus.

By Train : Most of the Trains comes to Khajuraho, directly or indirectly. There are two trains from New Delhi, which reaches to Khajuraho in around 10 Hours. Also, You can get Direct Trains from Udaipur & Kashi.

Best Time to Visit

Climate Wise, the months of October to March is the Perfect Time to Visit Khajuraho as the Temperature remains 20 Degree.

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