Bhimbetka – Beginning of the Mankind

Bhimbetka Caves and Shelters are situated in the Raisen District, which is quite a few kilometers from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. It has been Glorified by diving in the list of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These Caves and Shelters showcases and provides a Journey to the Beginning of the Mankind to the Travelers or Visitors. Approximately, This place encircles around more than 700 caves, which covers the area of 10 square kilometers. This place is also popular for its antique rock paintings, which describes about the situations and customs of a man from the Stone Age. The place is sited with Unfamiliar Flora & Fauna and Thick Forest Area known as Ratapani Wildlife Sanctuary. This place holds a Key Position in the History of Human Race. The Detection of Bhimbetka Caves is known as the “Extreme Accidental Discovery”. But, One thing is Appreciable that all the world’s extreme inventions (tools, arts and paintings) have results in Paleolithic Age only.

Being a World Heritage Site, Bhimbetka must take a Long Step Ahead because the Position is totally diverse. Most of us didn’t know about this spot and this place is getting anonymous and always remains peaceful and silent most of the time.

Mythical Relations of Bhimbetka:

Bhimbetka, as its name speaks and depict one of the eminent mythical personality “Bhim”. Bhim was one of the influential personality of the epic in the world “Mahabharat”. It is trusted that, when Pandav’s were eliminated from their kindgom, they stayed in this Caves. Bhim was the 2nd in the Pandav’s. Also, This place is believed to be the religious spot for the Buddhists. Nevertheless, The existence of Buddhism is not Manifested or Visible, but it was professed by the Local Tribes.

What makes this Site Exceptional:

Bhimbetka exhibit absolute alliance between Humans and the Land/Caves. Humans have been existing here for more than 500,000 Years. They were Hunting, Meeting, Dancing-Singing, Creating Paintings. They left the evidence of their existence by over 500 Paintings sculpted on the the Rocks and the Wall of Caves. These Sculptures portrays pictures of their Situation of Living, Battle Scenes, Tools, Arrows, Hunting and Gathering, Dancing around the Bonfires, etc. Also, The main attraction is the Sculptures of Fauna like Rhino, Elephants, Bull Ridings, etc and All these are considered as 200,000 years old. Infact, The Local Guardian told us that, The Last Painting was Dated as of 2500BC.

While Visiting You also gets the Touch or Feel of, How Anthropologists Feels and get into that Era. The Caves would leave you Speculative, if you have the Artist in you. Well, It’s an Awesome Experience and I would suggest all to get that Experience, Once in a LifeTime.

A Must Visit for Anyone, Interested in the History of Mankind.

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